We’re hiring!

Are you our next PR super hero? Media Minefield is hiring a Media Coach to join our amazing team of Miners who are working together to change the perception of public relations. An ideal candidate has real-world newsroom experience, understands the power of messaging and the importance of media, values collaboration and believes work can (and should) be fun. Media Minefield was built around a strong culture that promotes commitment, growth, learning, excellence, and positivity. We are looking for candidates who are ready for a challenge and are open to fearlessly evolving. Also, you can’t take yourself too seriously or you’ll struggle with your costume wearing, margarita drinking, cape wearing co-workers. Miners are also excellent communicators so please include the reasons why you believe you are cape worthy in your email to careers@media-minefield.com.

We want to warn you, we aren’t like any other company.

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