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Moving beyond traditional public relations, we invented the unique NewsabilitySM process.

NewsabilitySM is the art of consistently securing real news and valuable earned media.

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Where every project begins. Our messaging sessions help our clients figure out how they are different from others in their field. Having a clear and consistent message is crucial to attracting clients and setting your company apart. This message-centered communications approach is efficient and effective.

Earned Media

At Media Minefield, we created news-driven public relationsSM. Our approach is focused on securing effective earned media.

Earned Media Definition: Effective earned media involves an interview by a trained journalist for the sole purpose of educating the public on a timely topic to be broadcast on television or radio news or published in newspaper or magazine articles.

Media Training

What is your story? Everyone who encounters your brand is a storyteller. That includes you, your employees and your customers. Media Minefield can help your business or organization: understand why your message matters, identify the story you want to tell and learn how to deliver your story effectively through traditional and social media.

Digital Content

As author Ryan Kahn has said, “Content is fire. Social media is gasoline.” We know social media is part of the lifeblood of our times. And you can effectively use it to get your message in front of thousands of people who otherwise would not see it. Media Minefield understands the importance of creating quality content, leveraging media appearances and reaching even larger segmented audiences through social media. Our staff of journalists are here to set your content apart.

Crisis Media

Bad things happen to good companies. When a crisis happens and there are TV news trucks in your parking lot, call us. We know how to utilize media coverage to minimize the impact on your business and brand. In fact, a well-handled crisis can actually have a long-term positive impact. The demand for content on social and traditional media means waiting for a crisis to pass is not an option.


We have been absolutely blown away with the professionalism, sense of urgency and performance of Media Minefield. They managed to get TV interviews in a market that traditionally never allows interviews, and they did so with their innovative approach to developing newsworthy stories. Highly recommend.

Derek Gregoire, SHP Financial | Boston

You know it’s working when the calls start coming in from clients and competitors are asking about our press and how we got the placement.

Jim Vos, Cresa | Minneapolis

I can not say enough about how valuable my TV appearances are. I’m regularly recognized and since I started working with Media Minefield, my business has more than doubled. The Media Minefield staff is top notch.

Business Owner | Baltimore

We needed to choose a company with proven, seasoned leaders and veterans in the industry. We told them what we wanted and they were able to execute our training flawlessly. Not only that, but they were able to keep a roomful of professional athletes at attention with stories and examples that related best to them. I would highly recommend the team at Media Minefield.

Brad Ruiter, Timberwolves

In just the first month, the media exposure has garnered more than 1,000 views of our TV appearances on Facebook, and I have had several people mention that they have seen me on TV. We are seen as experts in our community.

Media Minefield is truly a first class organization.

Jason Parker, Parker Financial | Seattle

They truly heard us and deliver what they promise. Media Minefield has made it very easy to see the value in the work they do for us.

Abby Hoeschler, Key Log Rolling | Nationwide

It’s always exciting to receive an interview from you [Media Minefield]. It means we’re going to have a great interview coming up.

TV News Producer | Texas

Thanks to you and all the folks at Media Minefield. What you do has really helped me spread the good news about the importance of screening mammography.

Physician | Minnesota


You want to work with people who love their jobs and are passionate about seeing you succeed, right? From unlimited vacation to dress-up days to Margarita Fridays, we are proof you can have fun while being wildly successful. We value a vibrant and quirky company culture defined by our Core Values:

Miners at Heart
Innovative Creators
News Ninjas


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