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It’s been a good week at Media Minefield! It’s pretty common to see smiles around here and hear shouts of “Yahoo!” coming from offices, but there may be some extra grins and exclamations this week.

We want to share some of our excitement with you by borrowing an idea from the retiring late night giant David Letterman. (Full disclosure: Many of us are Jimmy Fallon fans. After all, he did mention one of our clients in a monologue in the past year. But we can all agree Letterman is a legend.)

So now, the Top 10 reasons we said “Yahoo!” this week.

Drumroll please…

  1. Timberwolves game
    Even if they didn’t win, we had a suite view and got to share a fun game with each other!
  1. 70s and sunny
    Goodbye, Minnesota winter! Hello, spring! It’s clear we were out enjoying the warm weather- our fitbits logged more than 100,000 steps Tuesday. (We don’t usually keep track of individual days, but there’s a good chance that’s a record!)
  1. Repeat performances
    A producer in New Mexico set up interviews with our client in May and June. Our experience and connections helped establish him as the go-to expert for that station!
  1. Mint M&Ms
    Enough said. Thanks, Rob & Carrie!
  1. Career counseling
    Our friends and acquaintances know we’re happy in our jobs, so they come to us seeking advice. It makes us smile to help them on their way.
  1. New clients
    In our first meeting with our newest clients, we heard how the grandparents of two young men helped inspire their business venture. Can’t wait to share their story!
  1. No sweeps
    Sorry, news friends. We are not frantically preparing for sweeps, and many of us will take vacations in May.
  1. Work in action
    We can’t even go shopping without seeing our handiwork! We were tickled to see an event poster we created for a client at a local shopping center – we could spot the lime green a mile away!
  1. Giving back
    We are getting ready to launch a new Facebook initiative to benefit charity and give back to 
    the community. (Details coming soon!)
  1. Reaping rewards
    One of our Florida clients just had his first meeting with someone who came to his office after seeing him on TV. We love to celebrate our clients’ successes!

These are just some of our highlights. There are certainly other things that made us smile this week, like beating traffic from the Twins home opener, good phone calls and meetings with potential clients, and our upcoming company lunch to celebrate winning our step challenge in March.

What’s on your Top 10? Let us know on our Facebook page. We would love to say “Yahoo!” with you!

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